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Meet the Host

Mark Bernstein is married with two (almost) adult children, likes taking long walks, eats ice cream every night, has never watched Game of Thrones, and knows a lot about 80s music.  

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Mark's Story

Mark Bernstein was born, raised, and still lives in the thriving metropolis of Indianapolis. Ever since his mediocre fourth-grade talent show rendition of "The Rainbow Connection" received a mild round of applause, Mark knew he was destined for semi-greatness.

In high school, Mark pursued his passion for radio and television by hosting a wildly popular radio show that included interviews, goofy segments, and prize giveaways. He also hosted a local community access television broadcast, which was so groundbreaking that it's a shame copies of the show aren't available online anymore. You'll just have to take our word for it.

After college, Mark moved to Southwest Missouri to host the Fox Kids Club, where he basked in his immense popularity and even got VIP seating at Chuck E. Cheese. Eventually, he returned to his hometown of Indianapolis and continued his career in children's television.

Once he stopped making kids laugh on TV, Mark hit the speaking circuit, entertaining students with infotaining school assemblies. Later on, once Mark realized he needed to be a responsible adult and pay the bills, he started a career in K-12 publishing. But his creative spirit never diminished, and he pursued many side projects over the years.

One of his greatest achievements was producing two award-winning children's albums, "Walk with Me" and "Sing with Me." He also had a website called that helped parents bond with their kids, a children's book called "Treasure Box," and a kindness project called SeeYouGetYou. But his crowning achievement has to be his podcast, Podfulness, which he started in late 2022. It's a podcast about podcasts, where listeners can discover new shows and have some fun along the way. Or at least that's the plan. We'll see how it goes.

Reach Out

Mark is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Feel free to find him online or drop him an email. 

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